An open letter to A. Pathy

Dear A.Pathy:

I’m so tired of you. I’m tired of people not giving a sh!t – or appearing to because of whatever reasons, whether it’s fear, being (un)cool, or my personal favorite – “uh yeah…that really…not my problem.”

We see you everywhere, whether it’s the other woman/man that destroys a relationship, in the middle of the street in China as we watch countless people walk by a dying toddler, or here in the States when we ignore cries for help, us humans have a stunning capacity to embrace you.

I know it’s not your fault. You’re just an amorphous entity that I’m conveniently blaming for what I perceive to be a disease in human interaction.

But I’m still tired of you – and I’m so going to do my part to end you.

Starting with me.


4 thoughts on “An open letter to A. Pathy

    • Very sad.

      I think we all have to change as individuals and as a society. The behavior exhibited in that video isn’t excusable, but somewhat understandable if you see that their society has passed rulings that actively discourage helping others.

      In the United States, I don’t know what to think or recommend. You can’t pass laws that say people HAVE to help someone. Or maybe you can – I’m no lawyer but I’d bet that goes against the grain of the Constitution somewhere.

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